Version 135

Modified on Fri, 13 Jan 2023 at 11:40 AM

Take note of the following updates, effective January 16th, 5:00 PM


Visual improvements

General updates

UpperBee Condo

UpperBee Rental

Visual improvements

Main objectives

  • Standardize the interface for a better user experience.
  • Improve cohesion of colours at the top and bottom of the pages.
  • Eliminate sensory overloads created by clashing elements and different styles across the platform.

The changes

  • Dark mode added, accessible through the option under your top-right icon.
  • Use of native fonts of your OS (Windows, iOS, Linux).
  • Standardization of the fonts and sizes across the platform.
  • Standardization of colours throughout the platform.
  • Elimination of particular colours in themes.
  • Standardized components (grid, upload, tabs, nav, etc.).
  • Implementation of a "card" display with a darker, one-tone background.
  • Help articles and videos button migrated to the top-right corner of the interface.
  • Manager only : Removal of the left widget. The elements are now available through the "Quick links" button on the top-right corner.
  • Removal of the alert widget on the right-side on mobile devices, alerts moved in their own button in the top right section when the webpage is slimmer.
  • Search bar replaced with a lens.

General updates

Possible to submit invoices through "invoices and credits at all times

For UpperBee Manager users, even if the invoice approval is activated, you can still submit invoices through "Invoices and credits". The functionality will be the same as the one found under "Document Submission".

Improvements to property damage files

For precision purposes, the following information have been added/updated:

  • Cancelling a special charge will remove said charge from the financial summary. If the special charge is linked to a property damage file, the alert will specify this.
  • Line added for the credited special charges.
  • "Date" field added in the adjustments.
  • Column added to specify the financial year in which an expense or revenue linked to the property damage occurred in the Excel version the financial summary.

Document viewer added in certain functionalities

To ease consultation of documents, the document viewer has been added in the following functionalities:

  • Invoices in a supplier's profile.
  • Contracts in a supplier's profile.
  • Water heater registry.

UpperBee Condo

2022 Home support tax credit form added

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to certain limitations with the form, the amount on line 17 is only updated in the first form generated. However, the percentage and total amount at line 18 in the subsequent forms are correct.

UpperBee Rental

Lease automations

To ease certain processes, UpperBee allows you to create automations before or after important dates of the leases. 

Lease document visibility

To ease transmission of information, you can now choose if a lease document is visible by the tenant and/or the occupants.

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