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In this document, the masculine is used to reduce the text and it is understood that the feminine is used when the context indicates it. The same principle applies to the use of the singular and plural.

Table of contents

Supported configurations

MEETING supports the newest and most popular operating systems and browsers in use today. 

It is recommended to avoid opening other software at the same time as you have an active MEETING meeting session, especially software that might require using resources such as your microphone or webcam. It is also important not to launch another teleconferencing software when a MEETING meeting session is active as this may cause conflict and cause the sound and/or video to be interrupted.

Web Navigators

The personal computer version of MEETING supports Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer browser is not supported.

iOSTM mobile device


On iPhone or iPad, only Apple Safari is supported.

AndroidTM mobile device


On smartphone or Android tablet, Google's Chrome is supported.

If you access the meeting from a mobile device or tablet, ClickMeetingMD, a teleconferencing tool built into MEETING, will prompt you to download its official app. You will be able to attend and interact during the assembly using the ClickMeetingMD  mobile app, but you must keep your browser open as the hand raising and voting components are embedded within the webpage and not the app.

Test sound, microphone, and camera

We strongly suggest that you test your technology components before the meeting.


To do so, you can click on the following link: LINK TO TEST CONNECTION

  • If you have any issues, follow the instructions on the test page to correct the situation.
  • If you think you have problems and are unable to resolve them, we invite you to log in to the meeting 15 minutes before the start and we can try to help you via the 'chat' or by verbally guiding you.

IMPORTANT: To return to the page that allows you to enter your private passcode, you need to click the 'Back' button at the top of the screen.  Do not use the 'Join Us Now' button, as it will not allow you to access the meeting.


Attend a MEETING meeting

Invitation emails

The administrator of your condominium's MEETING portal will send each attendee (owner) a private email inviting them to a MEETING virtual meeting. This personalized and confidential email will include the meeting name, the date and time of the meeting, your name, your email address, a private and unique access code, and a link to the meeting.

Below is an example of an invitation email sent from the MEETING platform


Private access code

As indicated in the previous section, each attendee will receive an invitation email from the condominium containing, among other things, a private access code. This code is unique to each attendee, so it is important not to forward this invitation email to another person, as that person will then be able to participate in the meeting on your behalf.

When you browse the link to your meeting contained in your invitation email, you will be directed to the main page of MEETING.



Select the "Attend a meeting" option and a page asking you to enter your private access code will appear. Take the following steps to be directed to your MEETING meeting room:  

  1. Test the compatibility of your internet browser, camera, and microphone
  2. Enter your private access code from the email received at the appropriate location.

Quorum and vote count

MEETING automatically compiles your meeting quorum when attendees enter their unique and confidential access code to enter the virtual meeting room. So, you do not have to take any action.

In the event that a attendee has been identified as having lost his or her right to vote by the portal administrator, the share of such a attendee is not taken into account when establishing the quorum or counting votes.

MEETING meetings

The virtual meeting room 

When you enter the meeting room, you will be brought to the following page:



In this page you will find much information that will be useful to you, and you will also have access to many features.

If the meeting has not started, a screen showing the remaining time before the meeting starts will be displayed. This screen will be replaced by the teleconference portion of the meeting when the meeting begins.

My fractions and proxies

At the top of the page, you will find information about your fractions and the total percentage related to them, as well as the total fractions attached to the proxies that have been given to you, if any.

The agenda

The agenda for your meeting is at the bottom of the video screen on the meeting website.  The different topics will be numbered to make your browsing easier.  When a vote is associated with a topic on the agenda, there will be an icon to the right of the topic.

You will also be able to click on the arrow completely to the right of a topic in order to open a dropdown box giving you more details in relation to the proposal being discussed.

Finally, note that the result of each vote made using the MEETING voting system will appear on the agenda.

Note: The moderator of the meeting may not have included an agenda, for example, if no vote was required. In such a case, no agenda will be shown. Please note that only a vote requires that an agenda item be included.

Video conferencing

When you go to the virtual meeting room, you will notice that a significant portion of the page is devoted to the video portion. MEETING uses ClickMeetingMD  as a teleconferencing tool.

Here are the highlights:


  1. It will allow you to change the language of the elements in the videoconferencing section.  Even if you change the language of the MEETING website, you will also have to change the language of the videoconferencing portion.
  2. This is the icon to switch to full-screen mode.  You should know that you will always have to get out of full screen mode if you want to be able to see the box allowing you to vote when we are at the stage of taking a vote.
  3. To write in the 'Chat'
  4. Do not use this hand icon to raise your hand, but rather the one in the turquoise box that is to the right of the videoconferencing section, because this will allow the animator to know in which order the co-owners have raised their hands and it will also allow everyone to see who has their hand raised.
  5. When the animator unlocks your microphone  and/or camera, you'll need to activate it on your side by clicking on the red icons.   These will then become green in colour and you will be able to speak.  It is impossible for an animator to activate your microphone or webcam without your knowledge.

Note: The first time you are allowed to unlock your microphone and camera, you will receive a notification to allow the browser to access your camera and microphone, followed by the selection of the components you wish to use to interact.

Raise your hand

In the left portion of the screen (under the video portion in the case of a smartphone) you will find the meeting hand-raised function. Do not use the raised hand located in the chat section of ClickMeetingMD.

If you want to ask a question simply, press the turquoise "raise your hand" button in the right section of the video conferencing tool and your name will appear in the hands-up list.

Only a meeting moderator can give you the right to speak at the meeting (see section 4.4 Video conferencing), because the moderator will need to unlock your microphone and camera so you can then activate it on your side.

You can lower your hand yourself by clicking on the "X" icon or the facilitator can lower your hand once you have finished your intervention.



The chat tool is located in the lower right section of the video conferencing tool.

  1. You will notice a grey sidebar on the right side of the meeting video section. If you click on the this, the image of the conference call will be reduced and you will have access to the chat function of MEETING.
  2. Area where you need to enter your message

Since a large volume of exchange can occur during a meeting, it is recommended to keep messages sent using the chat function to a minimum.  

Only a facilitator can initiate a private chat session, where only you and the facilitators will have access. In such a case, your exchanges will not be seen by the other attendees.

ATTENTION: The host of your meeting can turn off your meeting's chat function or remove access. It is therefore possible that this function is not accessible to you.



MEETING allows you to vote on the various topics that require a vote. When the moderator of the meeting begins a vote, a window will open with the relevant instructions and possible voting choices.

To see this box, it is important to get out of full-screen mode if you have put your video conferencing tool in this mode.  To do this, you will need to click this button

Once you have made your vote choice, simply press the "Save" button to submit your vote.

Once the vote is ended by the moderator of the meeting, the moderator will announce the result of the vote and these will appear in the appropriate section of the agenda.


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